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Approaching Residential Designs

Residential interior design appeals to a market comprising of time-poor individuals with families. This market is usually professionals who lead very busy lives with all the commitments of a demanding career and a growing family, who do not have the time needed to attend to the details around a new build or major renovated property. 

A Solution to a Daunting Prospect

People lead busier lives than ever before. They must attend to the needs of their families and balance the demands of a career and workplace and having to bear the prospect of all the detail and decisions involving a new build or renovated home is simply too much and a daunting prospect at best.

A simple process is followed whereby a series of five meetings are scheduled with specific outcomes for each meeting to streamline the process around designing the interior of a new home. There could be between 200 – 300 decisions covering kitchen, bathrooms, living spaces, sleeping spaces, the interior as well as the exterior of a house.

Helen and her team cut through all of this by simplifying the process and taking control of it professionally and confidently so that you can relax and enjoy the journey.

Degree of Involvement

Many decisions must be made during the journey of designing a fitting interior for a family, which suits their lifestyle, style of entertainment, family requirements and outlook on life. Helen works with her clients to establish the degree of their involvement and acts accordingly. She is confident to take complete charge which is a natural progression if a client trusts her with creating the home of their dreams. They are given options along the way, in simplification of the process and she usually obtains full approval with her preferred choice, which is backed up with a second option if required.

Once Helen has obtained an understanding of her client’s objectives and can envision the result, she can deliver milestones in a smooth succession of positive results.

A Series of Milestones

The project is managed along with a series of important milestones.  Once the client appoints Helen, an initial meeting is scheduled to determine the course of the entire project and the outcomes interlinked with it.  Helen conceptualises her recommendations and creative outcomes around guidance and input obtained by visiting their present home to gain valuable insight into their lifestyle. This is balanced with interviewing them to understand their vision of their new lifestyle, the associated timeframes and the clients’ expectations.

A Step-by-Step Approach

Helen uses a valuable step by step approach to making around 300 decisions around the interior and exterior design of the new home. The client receives a completed document for every specification a builder requires which is sometimes shared with a few builders to obtain the best quotation.  The documented decisions are contained on a master document which is an important part of the journey to achieving a home that meets all their stated requirements.  The document is shared with the builder and that brings Helen contribution to this important stage of the building process to an end.

Timing is Everything

Helen’s professional approach to the entire process eliminates much of the pressure and stress factors associated with building or renovating a home, for her clients. Her impeccable style of operation creates no surprises down the track and completely happy clients. 

Helen Brunsdon
Swish Concepts
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