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Employees and your Workspace Design

Workspaces have become important elements in the landscape and science around gaining and retaining a quality workforce in a modern working world.  Not only are workplaces an extension of a business’ identity, but also of the people who work there.

Pleasant Spaces Attract Good People

Work environments exude a powerful vibe and energy with which employees instantly connect. The visual aspects of a working space can create a strong sense of bonding with employees. Pleasant and interesting spaces can attract quality staff and retain them.

The design team at Swish Concepts will ensure that employees find themselves in a pleasing, stimulating space that is physically comfortable and giving them everything they need, providing the emotional trigger to return to work with a sense of happiness every day. Not only will it be pleasing to their various senses, but it will also provide an important emotional connection and a sense of pride showing it off to the world.

A Feeling of Belonging

Modern employees have a strong urge to belong and to fit into a working environment that fills them with a sense of pride and success.  Our teams will turn that into a powerful ally by providing employees with working spaces that they can feel good about and look forward to returning to every day. We will create a sense of fun and pride in your workforce, with carefully designed spaces to enhance this facet within your commercial space.

Practical Points of Perfection

Designing office spaces that enable a healthy work-life focus on comfort, functionality and attractive, modern and stimulating work environments is our point of pride. The final design will add intrinsic value to the daily work experience for your employees.  It will grow a culture of loyalty and entice employees to turn up for work repeatedly, locking in their loyalty and influencing them to return to work every day.  It will also inspire and promote them to deliver quality outputs in the working environment, knowing that it meets their daily needs.

Our team will provide sound solutions you can trust for big, empty commercial spaces, turning it into comfortable and work-friendly environments where employees can perform their roles comfortably.  Acoustic panelling is successfully used to address big rambling concrete shells, creating a cosy, private space where no sound bounces around creating distractions and lack of concentration.

Employees will also have valuable peace of mind, knowing that they are working in safe and secure workplaces, allowing them to just get on with the job without being concerned for their safety.

Our team can turn any empty shell into a welcoming, warm and productive office space.

Lifestyle at Work

Modern employees have firm expectations in terms of lifestyle at work and our design team is expertly positioned to provide them with the solutions for having a stimulating, interesting working environment. We specialise in designing working spaces for real people with a fun, stimulating and interesting interior design theme using various textures, stimulating colours and clever acoustics to achieve great results.