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Employees and your Workspace Design

Workspaces have become important elements in the landscape and science around gaining and retaining a quality workforce in a modern working world.  Not only are workplaces an extension of a business’ identity, but also of the people who work there. Pleasant Spaces Attract Good People Work environments exude a powerful vibe and energy with which…

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Approaching Residential Designs

Residential interior design appeals to a market comprising of time-poor individuals with families. This market is usually professionals who lead very busy lives with all the commitments of a demanding career and a growing family, who do not have the time needed to attend to the details around a new build or major renovated property.  A…

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Designing a Fresh Commercial Space

Designing fresh commercial spaces rests on pillars of respect and a creative and original understanding of the nature and brand of the business. Helen Brunsdon and her team at Swish Concepts have finely honed the ability to pour interpretation into a series of fresh and inspiring ideas that are professional and practical whilst paying visual…

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Bathroom design in Newcastle NSW

Too often, function wins over style for many renovators; be it home renovators or professional bathroom renovation companies. Swish Concepts has been involved in bathroom design in Newcastle NSW for many year, so here are our recommendations – Every millimetre of your bathroom space is precious, so take the time to look at your floorplan.…

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Home Styling in Newcastle NSW

Buying loads of design magazines and trying to define your look can be very confusing and expensive. Newcastle NSW residents have embraced the concept of home styling, especially when they are considering selling their home. I have been with many clients who have shown me huge scrap books with all types of styles which just…

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Residential Interior Design in Newcastle NSW

It’s not always necessary to start from scratch when renovating your mid-century home. Residential interior design has come a long way from colonial days in Newcastle NSW. We are privileged to have such an eclectic mix of architectural styles in the region – with federation era taking centre stage; bungalows, modernist and mid-century also very…

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