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Things to Consider When Building or Renovating

Relieving the Stress Factor

Every big step in life is accompanied by stress before you can enjoy results and the accompanying exhilaration. A Designer will relieve some of the stress associated with building the home of your dreams or rebuilding and renovating an existing home.

Relieving this enormous pressure that comes with events of this nature will protect your relationships and add to your general wellbeing by the mere knowledge that you have a valuable team player in the form of your designer in your camp to take much of the sting of building and renovating away from the exercise

It can also play a big role in keeping relationships intact as couples can sometimes not agree on principal outcomes but will be able to find amicable solutions under the guidance of their designer who will act as a capable mediator.

Providing Fresh Perspective

Having a designer on board when you are considering that major renovation or extension to your home and can be a critical factor. Your designer will provide a fresh perspective on how you want to utilise the space and how to get the best results and outcomes for your family.

Fresh ideas will be provided to consider and work through to achieve the best use of the space and attain the perfect feel and presence for it. Shared insights by a designer can cast valuable light on the clients’ final expectations and what they hope to achieve with the renovations.

It is not uncommon for clients to approach their designer first before commissioning a building designer or builder to commence the project.

Marriage between Visions and Results

Engaging a designer will clarity expectations and potential results based on practical insights. Considering a space, details, technology and marrying all the elements to achieve the final result which will be a good fit for the client’s vision and dreams.

Your designer will work closely with your building designer to achieve cohesion and a partnership in producing the desired end results.  The building designer is responsible for the structural elements including walls and the roof. A good partnership between your interior designer and your building designer will guarantee the best layout and that spatial planning is achieved at the same time.

Guidance in selecting a Building Designer

Your designer may be a valuable and strategic partner to assist with guidance in selecting the appropriate building designer best suited to the type of renovation or building the client want carried out.  Some clients may ever prefer to present their designer with a choice of building designers they have selected to determine who gets assigned, based on the interior designer’s experience and strategic input. The choice of building designer is important in achieving the best spatial planning, with focus on good lighting, great ventilation, handy storage and a myriad of aspects to add additional value to the home.

Being a Part From the Start

By making your designer a part of the process from the start you ensure that it all comes together at the same time. Time can be spent on ensuring that there’s adequate lighting, ventilation, great storage and that all the essential components are addressed at the onset.