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Home Styling in Newcastle NSW

Buying loads of design magazines and trying to define your look can be very confusing and expensive.

Newcastle NSW residents have embraced the concept of home styling, especially when they are considering selling their home.

I have been with many clients who have shown me huge scrap books with all types of styles which just won’t work in their home ie. A sophisticated French look in a small featureless apartment. Instead, search for a space that speaks to you. It could be a commercial or public building, a café, hotel or boutique that you love – take note of the elements that make it feel special.

Even a beautiful piece of furniture can be your starting point to a great design. You need to feel connected with your space, so keep the furniture and decorative items you really love and design around those pieces.

Furniture items don’t need to match; it then looks like you have bought a complete suite from a furniture catalogue. Look at Pinterest and other design websites, choose two or three photos that really appeal and unpick the elements of the room. Look at every part of the space and see how that relates to your home; what do you love in the space……do you see how the colour has tied together different elements from very contemporary to antiques and how you could work that style into your home.

I do this when I’m teaching students and find they really start to look at the space with new eyes. Keep practicing and it becomes second nature whenever you walk into an unfamiliar space.

Another great tip for home styling in Newcastle NSW is decorative rugs. They are a must-have for hard floors.

A rug holds the space together and can be the starting point for a beautiful design. Don’t hold back when it comes to choosing an amazing rug: find one that really speaks to you.  It could be the pattern, colours or texture.

Choose a rug with the combination of colours that you love and build the furnishings and decorative items around that palette.  If, for instance, it has a circular pattern, then choose some other elements for your space that also have a circular pattern……………artworks, laser cut room dividers, round decorative cushions.

Make sure the rug is larger than the area you are placing your furniture; anything too small just looks silly.  Place the edge of the rug under your lounge but leave plenty of rug for your chairs to sit on comfortably…………….not half on half off.
Choose wisely, you are spoilt for choice.

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